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Queue | Partition setup on VSC-4

On VSC-4, the type of hardware and the quality of service (QOS) where the jobs run on may be selected. Nodes of the same type of hardware are grouped to partitions, the QOS defines the maximum run time of a job and the number and type of allocable nodes.

Hardware types

There is one type of compute node, which comes in three different memory version, 96 GB, 384 GB and 768 GB.

On VSC-4, the hardware is grouped into so-called ➠ partitions:

partition name description
mem_0096 default, nodes with 96 GB of memory
mem_0384 nodes with 384 GB of memory
mem_0768 nodes with 768 GB of memory
adm_test reserved for the admin team
jupyter reserved for the JupyterHub

Quality of service (QOS)

Access to node partitions is granted by the so-called ➠ quality of service (QOS). The QOSs constrain the number of allocatable nodes and limit job wall time. The naming scheme of the QOSs is: <project_type>_<memoryConfig>

The QOSs that are assigned to a specific user can be viewed with:

sacctmgr show user `id -u` withassoc format=user,defaultaccount,account,qos%40s,defaultqos%20s

The default QOS and all QOSs usable are also shown right after login.

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